Current Projects


We are currently pursuing a project in Lukodi, Uganda. Many villages in Uganda were destroyed by fighting in the civil war, and because of this, there is a shortage of functioning water wells. It is the goal of Engineers Without Borders- UNH to assist with the reconstructing on wells so that that villagers returning to their homes will have access to clean drinking water. A borehole well was installed in the village, constructed with casing down to the bedrock, in order to help prevent contamination. Over our past few assessment trips, we continued to maintain the wells and implement new spring boxes. On our most recent trips, we looked into the possibility of locating and testing new water sources and worked with the district engineer and local water committees to develop plans for a new project in Cet-Kana.


We are currently working with the village of San Pedro de Casta, Peru. Through a collaborative effort with the people of San Pedro we hope to improve their quality of life by developing the local water infrastructure and educating the community on healthy eating and drinking habits. We have repaired the main pipeline that brings water to the village and are developing a filtration system to install. Our sister organization, Students Without Borders, is also working to develop a nutrition program that can be taught in the schools and community as a whole.